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In The Name of Humanity

In The Name of Humanity is an outreach, education and involvement program for Middle School and High School Students. The program is designed to instill in students the value of the education and compassion for those in poverty who are unable to afford an education. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about pressing social issues in Vietnam and get involved in finding solutions. Ultimately, our goal is to encourage students to consider careers in International Development.

1. Outreach Events (Inspire)

Goal: Educate students about VSF, encourage them to access the Vietnam Web Education Portal and start a School VSF Team, and acquire skills needed for careers in international development.

The keystone of the In The Name of Humanity program is outreach events, led by Village School Foundation Founder Tinh, an internationally-acclaimed guitarist/storyteller.

Tinh visits Middle Schools and High Schools and giving an account of his struggles growing up in war-torn Vietnam, escaping the fall of Saigon and ending up in the U.S. to complete his education. Tinh presents this account through storytelling and a powerful guitar performance and invites students to dialogue and ask questions. Tinh has taken his presentation to 25 schools - reaching approximately 25,000 students.

2. Vietnam Web Education Portal (Inform)

Goal: Encourage students to stay informed about challenges in Vietnam so they can see how they relate to global issues.

After an outreach event, students will have access to the Vietnam Web Education Portal, where they can:

  • Access information on Vietnam, volunteering and international development.
  • Interact and exchange ideas.
  • Read positive stories about work in international development, find career resources, and get inspired.

3. School VSF Teams (Interact)

Goal: Students will apply their learning on School VSF Teams and receive training to develop volunteer outreach and education projects -helping them meet service-learning and/or graduation requirements. Teams will help VSF reach new audiences. For many, School VSF Team will be a student's first experience working on International Development issues.

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