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Cultural learning is a way to create deeper understanding and empower people to work for change. Village School Foundation's Cultural Learning and Volunteer Tours are designed to educate people about Vietnam's people and culture and the societal and economic challenges facing the country. We offer participants an opportunity to travel to Vietnam and experience the country and culture for themselves so they can see how they relate to global issues of poverty, healthcare, economics, education and human rights. Participants will also have the opportunity to volunteer on ongoing projects in the areas served by Village School Foundation - providing service to those in need while educating themselves through socially responsible travel.

Village School Foundation can organize customized tours for family, friends, organizations, and schools, or you may join a tour as an individual. Tours generally travel in August/September and in January/February. Tour participants pay airfare and trip expenses. All expenses are tax-deductible. Proceeds generated from the tours directly support Village School Foundation's core programs and mission.

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